Web Services

Develop a New Website

One person wants a Ferarri and the other a scooter. Big difference in price.

I will provide an initial page – which is the general ‘look and feel’ of the website, for a flat rate. Any fancy stuff and additional pages can be discussed – the more fancy the site, the more work is required – the simpler it is, the quicker it goes (and less expensive therefore).

website textContent

If you have the content and images for your website, then you send them to me. If you have nothing and have no idea how to go about it it’s no problem, or your grammar and spelling is not up to standard, just let me have all the information you wish to put on your website and I can get it all sorted out as I have content/copy writers who will sort it all out for you.


Websites work better with images. People still like looking at pictures, and if you have good images they will grab the visitor’s attention, and hopefully draw them further into your website. They should be relevant to your content however, or relate to it in some way. Misleading people will not get you customers – it will only get you a bad reputation.


iWebWork doesn’t do hosting, although we can arrange it for you. I’ve dealt with several hosting companies and can point you to one I recommend. If you want I can do all the work regarding the setting up for you.

website photographyPhotographs

If you need photographs taken of your product/service and you operate around Cape Town I will gladly take them for you (if you don’t live in Cape Town and are prepared to pay for my travelling, that can also be arranged!).


If you have a logo and a slogan for your business, I will need those if you are wanting a website from us.