Programming for Cullinet Software

Programmer/Analyst for Cullinet Software in London (way back when...)

iWebWork consists of me, Irene, and my network of skilled contacts I resource additional skills from when the need arises. My career in IT (Information Technology) started many years ago (let’s just say 20+ years so as not to sound too old!) as a junior programmer in a large insurance company. I moved to London and was employed by an international database/software company, for whom I traveled on company business to Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North and South America. After 3 years I returned home and moved into the personal computing world and started developing PC based applications.

My work experience therefore has a large chunk of time with large corporates – in insurance, the oil industry and retail. My current interest in web development started several years ago when I left the corporate world and got involved in all aspects of website development and design. For me this has given me far more job satisfaction. The IT industry is a constantly changing animal and keeping up with the latest trends and development is essential for my business.

Over the past few years I have built up a portfolio of clients in a diverse range of businesses. For me it has been very interesting as in the process of creating a website for them I have learned a great deal about what other people do – something you just don’t experience in the corporate world. And I love this aspect!

Photography is a great love of mine too and I have a fair number of photographs I can use in client websites, or I go out and take new photographs for them, relating to their business.

It is my desire that every client succeeds in their business, and I strive to help them to achieve this where I can through creating a website that is appealing and easy to navigate,  and through assisting them to engage on social media platforms. Contact me if you would like a website developed for your business or for personal use.